PASTES :      
Molykote pastes consist of high concentration of solid lubricants dispersed in oil for convenient application.      
In cases where oils and greases are squeezed out of the lubricating contact, solid lubricant form tenacious adhering films, which prevent damages under extreme loads and low speeds. Major applications are initial assembly and running-in.      

Molykote1000 Paste
Cu 7439 Paste
                  Molykote H.S.C Paste

  Molykote P 37
Molykote Pg 75
G-N Plus Paste                   Molykote DX Paste

  Molykote D
Molykote G 67 Paste

Molykote P 40 Paste
                  Molykote PG 602

  Molykote P 1600  Paste
Microsize Powder
Molykote 1102
Molykote G-Rapid Plus
  D 321 R - Spray
Separator 3400 A Molykote G-Rapid Plus                   Molykote Z Powder